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READ is a tech startup that has developed a comprehensive consumer credit rating methodology analyzing financial vulnerabilities on the basis of relevant economic risk indicators.


To offer an accurate assessment of default risk while promoting sustainable capital access for consumers at fair costs.


We were inspired by the desire to find a sustainable solution for student debt ridden Millennials in the USA.


Introduce a transparent pricing mechanism to the consumer credit industry which can be applied to any unsecured consumer credit market – in the US and beyond.

Our model

To understand consumer credit risk, one must understand the actual financial situation and arising cash flow vulnerabilities of the borrower.


Disposable income after cost-of-living, income risk, liquidity reserves and leverage are at the heart of assessing debt sustainability. By calculating real-world risk factors of households, we offer an alternative assessment to existing credit score systems.


With households being at the core of our methodology, we provide a comprehensive financial health check & relevant guidance. For financial professionals and lenders we aggregate & process the data to provide an indication of the real risk of capital in a portfolio context.

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Our market


The US alone has more than 150’000 financial planners. We create an online marketplace to connect households with independent professional advisors based on tangible discussion points.


According to NCCS the US has 1.5 million registered NPO. Many grants are on a one-off-basis. Our model allows to transform the grant-donation system into a self-sustaining, re-occurring & value-preserving industry.


There are over 4’500 commercial banks licensed in the US. Our model complements traditional credit scores and provides more accurate default risk calculations for lenders.


Our methodology is geared towards assessing the financial vulnerability of households with little or no credit history and predicting default risks on the basis of actual and forecasted data.

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Our team

We have over 100 years of relevant experience and worked for some of the largest and most reputable institutions in their field.


We have all the skills and experiences needed to set up, launch and build READ into a successful company.

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