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READ has developed a unique risk management approach to the US student loan crisis that will help millions of borrowers to get out of the student debt trap.

READ is the only provider in the market that offers a relevant and holistic risk assessment geared towards young student debt holders.

READ at the core is a risk manager. Our risk is aligned with that of our clients. Their success is ours and the other way around. As such we understand ourselves not only as a pure lender but as a partner and financial mentor. Debt is a sensitive matter and requires utmost personalization.  Through our interface, we help borrowers to stay informed and track their financial progress. We incentivize and reward good financial habits and provide guidance for financial wellness including personality traits and work-related topics.

Our model

We put emphasis on the future earnings potential, the lower risk of unemployment & disability, the high degree of flexibility and behavioral factors of our young audience.


As such READ does not rely on interest rates or credit scores. Once integrated into a financial product, READ offers a unique solution compromising of:


  • an individually customized & adjustable payment plan tailored to each individual’s circumstances;
  • an integrated savings plan, creating emergency funds and long-term savings;
  • an embedded insurance pool, offering protection against unemployment and disability; and
  • a financial wellness & planning tool to coach and incentivize borrowers.
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Our market

We have invested well over 4000 hours in researching the market opportunity and identified a target audience of 5.6 million borrowers that would immediately qualify and benefit from our solution.


In order to achieve the utmost personalization, we engage with our customers on an on-going basis. This requires to go beyond simple budgeting and risk assessment., READ is a relevant coach in behavioral and career-related topics, which have a positive impact on the customer's financial wellbeing.

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Our team

We have over 100 years of relevant experience and worked for some of the largest and most reputable institutions in their field.


We have all the skills and experiences needed to set up, launch and build READ into a successful company.

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