The market is dominated by the Federal government and its loan servicers, as well as few private players.


While there are various kinds of loans available, the product landscape is very homogenous and has hardly seen any innovation.


We are unique not only because we integrate insurance and savings elements into our solution, but also in the way we determine risk, price, and duration.


Our refinancing model and risk methodology are set up in such a way that we can operate largely independent of interest rate level and credit scores.

Credit Scores & Interest Rates

The majority of financial institutions use risk-free interest rates as the basis to determine the cost of capital and add risk-premiums, which more often than not are based on credit scores.


Our research has shown that neither the level of interest rates nor credit scores are reliable parameters to determine and optimize risk-return profiles. This concept has proven to fail in the past and in recent history resulted in a variety of asset bubbles.


With the government controlling 90% of the market, not only in terms of absolute numbers but also in terms of setting the regulatory framework; it is the government which de facto sets the benchmark for the entire industry.

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