The Architects

Oliver Olbort

Co-Founder & Strategy Officer

HSBC, Credit Suisse

Oliver has more than 20 years of experience in financial services, encompassing investment advisory, financial planning, and international trade structuring. Oliver managed books over of $1 B USD in AUM. He has acquired essential operating and resource management skills in start-up environments.

Alberto Furger

Co-Founder & Executive Officer

UBS, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Willis Tower Watson

Alberto has over 20 years of experience in accounting, audit, financial planning and capital structuring. He is regarded as an expert in setting up and managing complex, multi-jurisdictional structures across various asset classes and instruments. Alberto was CFO in a multibillion-dollar family office and setup various regulated asset management entities from scratch.

Adam Buczek

Marketing Officer

Joshua G2, Microsoft, HellYeah Japan

Adam is an experienced creative director with over 15 years of experience. Adam was the creative face of Xbox Advertising EMEA at Microsoft and played a key role in growing the business to become a multimillion-dollar international operation.

James Melenkevitz

Partner & Officer for Data Science and Quantitative Analysis

Financials, Medical Devices, Retail, Web Applications, Android Development, Telecom, University Professor, and National Lab Scientist

James has 15+ years of experience in modelling, calculating and solving scientific, financial and commercial problems of complex systems and has a vast array of mathematical and programming skills at his disposal.
He obtained his has a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Pierre-Alain Avoyer

Public Affairs & Talent Management

Pierre-Alain has 30 years of international business, advisory and humanitarian experience and held several executive management positions for world-class global organizations.

For over 10 years Pierre-Alain was regional CEO for South-East Asia of the consumer goods and luxury products divisions of Swiss-based Diethelm Keller Group. From 1998 to 2006 he was Director at KPMG and led the expansion of advisory operations in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. From 2007 to 2010 he held the position of VP, HR and Government Affairs at Mercuria Energy Trading Group, one of the world’s leading oil and energy trading companies. Pierre-Alain will support READ in developing human resource management & public relation & affairs strategies and programs. He holds a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Geneva and has been based in Dubai since 2010.

The Advisors

Ganna Pogrebna


University of Birmingham, Alan Turing Institute

Ganna is a Professor of Behavioral Economics and Data Science at University of Birmingham and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Ganna is blending behavioral science, computer science, data analytics, engineering, and business model innovation.

Randy Gantenbein


Tapestry Associates LLC, VESITS, Vulcan Inc.

Randy is an expert in managing complex, ultra-luxury non-financial assets. Prior to co-founding VESTIS, Randy co-founded Tapestry Associates LLC and served as CEO for more than 8 years. Prior to his tenure at Tapestry, Randy served as Senior Director of US Properties for Vulcan Inc., the Private Family Office of Paul G. Allen, where he oversaw luxury residential real estate operations.

Hayk Hakobyan


SVOS, Global Yellow Pages Limited, Board of Innovation

Hayk has over 15 years of relevant experience in business and strategy development, digital transformation and innovation as well as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Hayk has been advising and mentoring various start-up companies in this regard as well as in respect to behavioral economics.
Hayk holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Geneva and an MBA in Management and Finance.

Anthony (Nic) Capomacchia


IMEM, Bring Ring Foundation, JH Education International

Nic is an experienced higher education consultant and student pipeline builder. He has a broad experience in operations, business development and finance for non-for-profits. Nic holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the Robinson College of Business (State University of Georgia) and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Terry College (University of Georgia). Nic is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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